Working Through “The List”

Remember the current to-do list in our last post? Here’s a reminder, plus a few crossed-out items thanks to OCH mom’s visit over the holiday weekend:

  • Hem guest room curtains
  • Re-hang rod for guest room curtains
  • Clean, rewire(?) and mount second-hand reading light
  • Sand, paint and mount shelves in guest room
  • Modify and hang second bath shower curtain
  • Treat sewer system with Root X
  • Install drywall in laundry room and finish (wallpaper?)
  • Finish painting ceiling AND floor in laundry room
  • Mount light in laundry room (It’s literally hanging by a thread…a thread filled with live electricity. I know, it’s scares me, too)
  • Refinish dining room floor so we can…
  • Build banister railing over cavernous whole in floor between dining room and kitchen
  • Finish tearing old carpet off the stair treads and re-carpet
  • Finish drywall on the newly enlarged dining room opening
  • Molding on stairs and in dining room
  • Touch up paint in kitchen
  • Re-route heating vent under kitchen cabinets
  • Sand, paint and reinstall baseboard trim in kitchen and dining room
  • Reinstall curtain hardware in living room (currently too narrow—you’ll see soon)
  • Till the other half of the yard, then repeat, repeat, repeat then plant grass seed

Yep, we’re back on track—proof photos to come soon!

Anywho, how was your weekend?

We hope everyone had a great long weekend and took a few moments of silence to remember those who serve—and especially those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for—our country. We consider ourselves fortunate to know too many heroes to list. I consider myself fortunate to me married to one.


Photo: taken by us at the American Cemetery and Memorial in Luxembourg, March 2010.

<3 Teresa

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2 Responses to Working Through “The List”

  1. Debbie says:

    Thank you Chris for your service!

  2. Mom says:

    Glad we were able to “Welcome You Home” Chris!!

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