A Little Inspiration Goes a Long Way…(Eye Candy Alert)

You’ll see pretty pictures at the end. First, I have to tell you about the most wonderful blog post I just read. So this post is divided into “Part: Freak Out” and “Part: Inspiration.”

Part: Freak Out


The quick-and-dirty:

We love being busy—don’t get us wrong, but sometimes it seems there are just too many projects and it can all get very overwhelming. Some friends, Dave and Chris, brought over their rototiller Sunday so we can destroy rebirth our lawn. Add landscaping to the miles-long to-do list (mini freak-out).

Later on Sunday, Kenny and Ashley, came by and looked over some of the projects we have going. Something you should know about Kenny and Ashley: they may be the biggest overachievers ever. They bought a house when they were 18, gutted the whole thing and rebuilt it themselves. Yeah, they’re kind of inspirational.

But back to us. ;)


Our Current Projects list looks like this:

  • Hem guest room curtains
  • Re-hang rod for guest room curtains
  • Clean, rewire(?) and mount second-hand reading light
  • Sand, paint and mount shelves in guest room
  • Modify and hang second bath shower curtain
  • Treat sewer system with Root X
  • Install drywall in laundry room and finish (wallpaper?)
  • Finish painting ceiling AND floor in laundry room
  • Mount light in laundry room (It’s literally hanging by a thread…a thread filled with live electricity. I know, it’s scares me, too)
  • Refinish dining room floor so we can…
  • Build banister railing over cavernous whole in floor between dining room and kitchen
  • Finish tearing old carpet off the stair treads and re-carpet
  • Finish drywall on the newly enlarged dining room opening
  • Molding on stairs and in dining room
  • Touch up paint in kitchen
  • Re-route heating vent under kitchen cabinets
  • Sand, paint and reinstall baseboard trim in kitchen and dining room
  • Reinstall curtain hardware in living room (currently too narrow—you’ll see soon)
  • Till the other half of the yard, then repeat, repeat, repeat then plant grass seed

And those are just the projects that are in process right now! And don’t forget…we have real jobs, too!

Something Cakessource

Then I came across this Home Wasn’t Built in a Day post over on Nesting Place. The Nester hits the nail on the head with this one—these are just the words we needed to hear.

While we do need to keep plugging away, there’s no sense in being stressed out about what we haven’t finished yet or by looking at the not-yet-started projects list (even longer than this one!) and having a panic attack. Or hyperventilating. Or becoming hysterical. Or enervated. Or…you get the idea.


So…we’ll keep on keeping on and keep trying to find the best ways to keep our to-do lists dwindling while keeping our sanity. That’s a whole lotta keeping, no? ;)

Part: Inspiration

Now that’s out of the way, we can focus on what we all love—pretty rooms. :)

When I get overwhelmed (see above) and lapse into lethargic procrastination, I tend to find the best inspiration in looking at pretty pictures. Seriously, this inspires me to get off my fanny and get back in the ring (a.k.a. endless projects).

Right now, I’m trying to keep up my laundry room-painting energy. While I know mine will never look like these (you’ll see why in the next post), a girl can dream, right?

Now, who doesn’t love a little chalk board paint and a barn door? Barn doors=cool.

imageCottage Living via source

I’m digging all this retro-industrial stuff. Don’t laundry bins that roll seem like a must for a girl with a damaged spine? Oh wait, no…that’s a housekeeper. A housekeeper should be a must for a girl with a damaged spine. But I’d settle for these rustic-industrial-chic laundry items.


Isn’t this painted closet wall fun? It could be the green that I wanted in the kitchen but that didn’t work out there, perhaps…


This room is so organized it hurts so good! But seriously, don’t you think people who fold their laundry this precisely belong in some sort of support group?


I think I might need this laundry room door, especially because ours blocks out all natural light from a dark, tunnelly hallway. This project may end up on the to-do list (mini freak-out).


This room is so functional and calming—both necessary for chore time, me thinks.


This drying rack is waaaaay to expensive for our humble little laundry room but seeing as how we dry most of our wash, we may have to figure something like this out…

Corday Accordian Drying Rackssource

I love the idea of this crazy light because you can aim it into all the dark little nooks and crannies…but with a $60 price tag, it’ll probably never see the light in our laundry room (apologies for the bad pun).

KRYSSBO Pendant lamp white Max. height: 88 ½ " Shade diameter: 2 "  Max. height: 2 m 25 cm Shade diameter: 5 cm  source

Every functional room should be this organized.


A big folding/ironing/work table would be excellent. This one minus the cat, of course. ZsaZsa Chihuahua would not be amused by the cat.


Well, that’s enough inspiration for me to get crackin’ on the rest of that tedious laundry room ceiling of ours. We’ll be sure to post updates!

Sweet dreams,


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3 Responses to A Little Inspiration Goes a Long Way…(Eye Candy Alert)

  1. Mom says:

    Who’da thought a laundry room could be “decorater” friendly?

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