The Corner House Celebrates Earth Day

Earth Day began with free(!!) Starbucks in my reusable cup. Smile


Here at the Corner Casa we’re trying to do our part. For example, we are purchasing things second hand whenever we can. Cheaper and Earth-friendlier. Like our old typing table side tables:


And the kitchen chairs we just picked up at a second-hand shop.


Don’t worry! We have plans to refinish them! And they were only $9.99! Ba-har-gain!


I’ll also show you a shot from under our kitchen sink. I know, I’m a brave, brave woman.


That’s our recycling bin on the right. It has to be emptied at least twice as often as the trash on the left. Bonus: eco-friendly dishwashing soap and liquid dish soap.


Happy Day, Earth. We heart you!

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One Response to The Corner House Celebrates Earth Day

  1. Pat Biggs says:

    Love the idea of the racks under the sink to hold the trash cans up. I am going to have Ned install one for me. Don’t know whether you watch Antiques Roadshow, but there are some real treasures out there. I always keep an eye out for some hidden treasure. “One persons junk, is another person’s treasures”. How true….How true.

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