How’s It Hangin’?

Disclaimer: We are weird. Our perception of art might be a little weird to you. Please don’t say we didn’t warn you.

It was HIGH time for a little wall candy in the Corner Casa, if you ask me! Just check out the evidence—the blank walls were BLAH!

Of course, we’re talking about the living room since it is, after all, pretty much the only room at that stage of art readiness.

First up was my For Like Ever poster, which I know is kinda redundant in the design world but has sustained six moves with us. We heart it. It’s opposite the front door when you walk into the house, so I suspect pedestrians can see it from the street, which I think is totally cool since it’s so us.



BTW—that closet door got painted with the trim. Imagine dark, yucky wood…wait, don’t. It’s too upsetting. Just enjoy its lightness and brightness and trust us that it was the right call.

To the right of that, I hung the fabulous mirror I bought at Pier 1 before we were even sure we got the house—turns out it was good juju. Plus, it reflects that pink poster. Awesomeness!



To the left of the mirror are a poster of the Arc du Triomphe and the cover of an old children’s book about firefighters. Fitting, ‘cause one lives here.

Right inside the front door I hung our wedding invitation. It might not stay there for long, but I thought the colors were so pretty. It was framed as a gift by a wedding guest who owned a framing shop and I think it’s so amazingly cool how great the colors still go with our look 10 years and 12 abodes later.


Below that, for now, I stuck up our high school sweetheart dance invitation made of construction paper. I found it recently, stuck inside a book. Can’t believe we still have it! (For those of you who don’t know, we’re what you’d call high school sweethearts, awww!)


I love the quote on our wedding invite—Chris really is my bestest friend in the whole world. And he thinks I’m pretty swell, too (*blush).


Opposite this is the wall with the sofa. Near that I hung a painting we adore because it’s soothing and reminds us of travels.



Nearby is the poster I gave Chris for Christmas (the more you get to know us, the more sense it’ll make) and one of my favorite family snapshots.


That’s my grandma and she says that the dress was vivid red. Believe it or not, she can still do the splits (proof here)!



We still need curtains, a rug and some sort of apparatus to hold our television opposite the sofa, but it’s starting to feel like people actually live here and like those people are us.

Ahhh, the weekend is nigh.

Hugs, T

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4 Responses to How’s It Hangin’?

  1. Pat Biggs says:

    Simple treasures, bring greatest pleasures. Your living room is so stunning. I love it when someone has the talent to do so much, with so much love……

  2. Mom says:

    Looks great…….will grandfather fit?

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