Neat & Trim (and a Giant Sequoia)

(Spoiler alert) We’ve picked the winner: white!

And now for the backstory. Last post we lamented that painting our grungy pink living room walls a serene, khaki gray tone served to draw increased attention to a flagrant misuse of wood trim.

We like to call it That 70s Trim.


The trim around the door, windows and around the edges of the floor were all different woods. We think someone had tried staining them a similar orange tone to achieve some sort of consistency but it clashed with the oak floors and make things like the door (above) and the perimeter of the room look smaller.


So we taped the floors up with paper and primed the whole lot. A water-based primer worked just fine on the trim around the room but we had to use three coats of it on the door frame before we gave in and ran out for a quart of oil-based primer for that bit.


What other barbarity did we discover only after priming the trim? Glad you asked. The gaping black cracks between the trim and the walls and the trim joints.


Fortunately, that was nothing a little caulking (and a surprising lot of time) couldn’t fix.


After the primer coat, it took three coats of latex trim paint to conceal all evidence of ugly trim. It’s nice and bright and glossy. (We’ll get to the window frames when it’s a little warmer out…they’re currently a bluish white).


The floor actually stands out now as a feature of the room, framed by the crisp, white trim. (Never mind the rogue wood glue that found it’s way into the above photo).

Then we decided we really needed to do something about that curved ceiling. (Can you spot the Giant Sequoia in this photo? We firmly believe that Giant Sequoias are NOT flagrant misuse of wood.)


There is no natural stopping point for paint, only a gentle slope from the wall to the ceiling. The pink walls AND pink ceiling made the room look so small and cave-like. 

We decided that installing molding along the top of the room is a project in our near future.

But in the meantime, let’s enjoy the freshly painted Gull walls and white trim. Ooh. Ahh.


Can you see in the hallway (yet to be painted) how pink the original color really was??? And how awful it looked with the cheap wood trim???

Here it is with the light on, for enhanced hideous pinkness:


That’s another project for another day.

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5 Responses to Neat & Trim (and a Giant Sequoia)

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  3. Katrina says:

    Yes on painted trim! Glad you guys ‘went for it!’ It really makes the whole house look fresh!

    • Teresa says:

      We’re glad we went for it, too! It really looks like completely different house – and just with a little paint. It sure is a loooong and dreadfully tedious job, painting trim is, but it’s been soooo worth it.

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