To Paint or Not To Paint? The Answer is (Almost) Always YES!

Remember when we said our living room was pink? Needless to say, we were in desperate need of a painting party.


I’m totally bummed that you can’t tell how pink the room really was in any of these photos! But you can see how dirty the living room walls were as well as the delicious scary blue bathroom through the hall.

So we covered the new sofa with an old sheet and the floors with an end roll of newsprint (a great bargain, by the way!) and taped up all the trim.


Moms come in really handy for painting parties. And let’s face it, can you ever really have a good party without a mom?

Mine brings treats.

Bonus! Open-mouthed smile


We chose a color from Martha Stewart called Gull, which we (duh) had mixed into a higher quality paint. (Our less-than-happy experience with Martha Stewart brand paint is documented here. But the woman has great taste and the color selection is excellent.) Gull is kind of light gray, a tad khaki but very pale. We like how it changes with different light.

I wish we’d taken a video of my brother and me selecting the paint color. We had about 200 swatches taped all over the room and kept running back and forth and ripping them down and rearranging them. Must be a genetic thing—this paint-lovin’ business.


You know how one project can lead to another project and to another and another? Well, once we were making headway with the new paint color we realized that the wood trim (which was poorly stained to match the hardwood floors) looked gawd-awful!


We quickly decided it had to change, which meant we’d wasted all that time and tape. Oh well…live and learn. And so, we were off to select trim colors! (Yay!)

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6 Responses to To Paint or Not To Paint? The Answer is (Almost) Always YES!

  1. Mom says:

    Can’t you photoshop my pictures :( ?

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  3. What color did you choose for the trim?

    • Teresa says:

      It’s a bright, glossy white paint called “Cabinet and Trim Paint” from Ace. It’s Ace brand. We were relieved to just let the brand pick out the white for us!

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