Privacy, Please! (Part 2)

Remember when we talked about how you can’t stand in any room of our house without being visible to the outside through the windows in a minimum of two other rooms?

Well, the living room windows are perhaps the worst offenders. Both look out to a street (that pesky corner house thing) and both are huge. From these windows you can see into the hallway, *bathroom, master bedroom and kitchen.

Only one of them had a window covering and even closed, you could see through it:


Plus, it was broken and filthy/stained:


The other window had no window treatment at all (you can see it behind me in this picture that we took before we bought it):


BUT, the other day, our custom-ordered solid wood blinds arrived from Levolor (they’re in the boxes to the right of the window in the first couple of pictures). This is all really exciting because they were 3 weeks late and we’ve been in BIG NEED of blinds.

Custom was really the only option because of the odd sized and asymmetrical windows in our living room. Plus, we figured we’re saving money on second-hand items, which we talked about here, here and here, plus a few you haven’t seen…yet. 

Oh, sweet privacy savior!


The T installed these puppies all by herself. Gotta love a woman who knows how to handle a power drill!


Now, we can shut out the world! Well, the part of it that drives/walks by our house, anyway.


They’re solid wood, so they’re lighter and more insulating than vinyl. They have a taupe-colored ribbon covering the strings. They were a splurge but already worth it.


Our privacy-loving Chihuahua approves. Smile

*On second thought, I won’t go into detail about the technique(s) T and I developed for sneaking from shower to bedroom.

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8 Responses to Privacy, Please! (Part 2)

  1. Mom says:

    Are you sure you don’t want to keep those curtains?? The room looks FABULOUS!!!!! Those blinds are stunning with the tape on them.

  2. Jenn H says:

    I love them. You need to come help me decorate my house.

  3. Dave says:

    If you are interested… My dad has made blinds for their house out of thin strips of blue pine, I think the strips are about 1/16″ or 1/8″ thick by 2″-3″ wide. I have the slabs of wood to make strips up to 3′ long. I know you have a style going on in your house, but for future reference remember me. I think the only cost would be for the hanger that you would normally use to hang vertical blinds, but I would have to ask my dad to make sure. I can send a picture of what the finished window treatment looks like if you are interested.

  4. John Clement says:

    That is the happiest I have seen your Chihuahua in a long time. Your house looks great!


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