Privacy Please!

Everyone needs a little privacy sometimes, right? Don’t get me wrong, the neighbors we’ve met so far seem cool. It’s just…well, it’s the house.

Lots of natural light Seller took most window shades
Somewhat open floor plan When standing in any room, can be seen through windows of at minimum two rooms
The views to the outside are lovely The views from the outside are probably not quite as nice
Winking smile
Neighbors are great Don’t want to know neighbors intimately

The front door provided a challenge.


See? Absolutely nooooo privacy. We wanted privacy but not at the cost of daylight. Plus, T would not allow a door curtain – she even patched in the holes on the inside of the door where I presume one once hung.

Instead, we tried this stuff:


It’s a plastic film that we got at Home Depot that’s meant to emulate etched glass. All we did was measure the panes, slice the film with a razor, peel off the paper backing, and apply it to a wet window (on the inside, of course).

And here’s the after:


We used a plastic spackling tool to rub out the air bubbles. The best part about this stuff is that it peels right off when you’re done with it. Plus, it comes in lots of different designs—we just liked the simplicity of plain etched glass.

We like that it lets in lots of light…


…but no stares. Here’s a view from the front yard taken at night:


Now…off to measure all those windows!

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9 Responses to Privacy Please!

  1. Dave says:

    Cool! No peeping toms or tommettes

  2. Mom says:

    Maybe shadow puppets could answer the door.

  3. Very Cost effective and looks good. Still amazed with how creative you two are….

  4. Mike G says:

    I’m continually amazed at how many cool cost-effective treatments you’ve found. The frosted glass decal thing is really nice, and exactly what I need for our front door, which competes very effectively with your front door for the title of “Total Exposure.” I’ll be visiting HD again soon…

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