Room Inspiration (eye candy alert)

If you haven’t seen it (and we haven’t, as we don’t have television), Emily Henderson (Design Star winner) just debuted her new show Secrets From A Stylist on HGTV. We’ve been scouting out photos from her first episode, which you can see on her blog.


T and I both like this color palette and, let’s face it, that incredible window. T says that window would change her life.

We’re learning that you have to think creatively about what you can take away from your inspiration files that will work in your space.

We don’t have soaring ceilings and incredible windows BUT we do have a vintage typing table that has a somewhat similar silhouette to the gold one Emily uses here:

IMG_2146_LJ copy(photo by Laure Joliet)

Here’s our table, which we talk about purchasing here:


As you can see, right now our living room has a pale/cool color scheme, so we’ll also use Emily’s room as inspiration for ways to bring in warmer tones.


What are your color inspirations? Do you look at photos of other spaces or do you have a few favorite color combinations that you rely on?

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