Super Gingery Find! (eye candy alert)

We went shopping scavenging over the weekend and found this:

We know, we know, it’s a little grody. But look at that gorgeous shape! It reminded us of some clear-glass ginger jars we loved in this room:

via Attention to Detail

We also dig the ginger jars Jen over at Made By Girl and A Little Bird Told Me have blogged about.

You’ll never believe what this beauty set us back!

It was priced at a whopping $9.50 at the Salvation Army thrift store…but because we didn’t want the stained shade that was on it, the lady insisted we take it for $8! Score!!!

We also found this old metal typing desk for $22:

It fits well with our industrial chic aesthetic.

Okay, so “industrial chic” is pretty much just code for cheap, used, sometimes strange pieces that can be reborn as furniture. And gray. Pretty much anything gray calls to us.

As you can see, the table and lamp both needed a good bath. After cleaning ’em up and digging out an old lampless shade we already owned, here’s our new side table:

We realize it’s a little tall for the chair, which really belongs at my desk (yet to be set up) and is currently serving as a placeholder in the living room.

Did you discover any good finds over the weekend? Are you also addicted to cheap and fabulous re-purposing?

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10 Responses to Super Gingery Find! (eye candy alert)

  1. Ya know, I have lots of extra stuff and you are so creative. you may want some of it…. if you need something let me know I will tell you if I have it. If it is in my storage you are welcome to it.

    • Teresa says:

      What a generous offer, Mary! We’ve actually been talking about how we need to be more organized in our approach to filling our home with the things of life. We’ll make a list of what we have and what we need and then we’ll share it with you. Can’t wait for March 12!

  2. Mom says:

    WWWOOOOOWWWW!!!!!! The new headings are just BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
    Love the new pics. Still want the coffee table??

  3. Mom says:

    You can’t fool me! That’s YOUR kitchen!!

  4. Mike G says:

    The lamp and table are very cool. I think having a very tight budget drives you to be more inventive, and the results are really great. When you have more money you sometimes just go “shopping” until you find something to spend the money on, and you lose the unique outcome we’re seeing in your photos. A thought, anyway…

    • Teresa says:

      This is so true! I keep looking at the lamp and how it just sparkles. It’s beautiful! Maybe it sparkles a little better because it was only $8!

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