We Dream Of…(Eye Candy Alert)

As we head into the weekend, we thought we’d share an idea that’s lodged itself in our minds and JUST. WON’T. LEAVE.

We’re talking BOLD POPS OF ACCENT COLOR like in these kitchens:

We’re really REALLY digging that green. How lovely and fresh would that look in Our Corner Breakfast Nook? Wouldn’t it inject a little energy into our old house’s kitchen? Green=zen. Green=money. Green=YUM!

Happy weekend, everyone!



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4 Responses to We Dream Of…(Eye Candy Alert)

  1. Dad & Mom K. says:

    Those are some terrific colors you guys, I especially like the yellow! Have lots fun with it!!

  2. I have always wanted a lemon yellow and lime green kitchen. That is the beauty of an older home… you can use color and it just “fits”!!

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