More Cheap Art

What’s the point of spending money on travel if you don’t get to save a little money later on? We’re saving some money on artwork by enlarging some of our favorite travel photos.

I took this photo at Sacre Coeur in Paris last spring. I uploaded it to Walmart’s website and ordered an 8″x10″ print, which was ready for me to pick up at our local store about 30 minutes later. For $2.38, plus the cost of a frame and mat, we have this:

And then, with help from some stickers I found in the scrap booking section at Micheal’s, I was able to identify the place and date – important because after a while, Chris and I tend to forget those details.

Anyone have good ideas for cheap art? Please do share!



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3 Responses to More Cheap Art

  1. Pat Biggs says:

    What better way to have pictures for your home, than to display the places you have traveled to. I am amazed by your ideas. LOL

  2. Patrice says:

    Wow! you are busy!

    Another idea for cheap art…. travel to Panama, visit a coffee plantation.. buy coffee… frame the bag…
    Is this sounding familiar?? :)

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