Swimming with the Current

I’m replacing all of the outlets in the kitchen with ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets. Those are the ones with the little red “reset” buttons and black “off”  buttons.

Because we weren’t rewiring anything, I did the work myself. I turned off the power to the kitchen at the breaker box and tested the outlets before I unscrewed anything just to be safe.

Not only are the new outlets safer – they come with an added bonus: they’re clean and white. Kind of like our new kitchen. :D




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2 Responses to Swimming with the Current

  1. Mom says:

    Who thinks up these clever titles?? You’ve inspired me to start (ever so slowly) to change the outlets in my kitchen!

  2. If I was you or Teresa’s parents I would be so very proud of you….I can’t wait to throw you two a house warming party.

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