The Suffering of Art(ists)

Some people can afford fine original art. And some people can’t. We’re the second kind of people. But we have a new house full of empty walls, so when I found this bin of old acrylic paints, I couldn’t resist trying to create some of my own!

Having never taken an art class, I knew free-hand anything was out of the question. Instead, I pulled my favorite photo from a recent trip Chris and I took to Luxembourg (go ahead, take a peek…Luxembourg is the most storybook place we’ve ever been). On our walk up to the castle in Vianden, Chris snapped this pic of me in front of the cutest little door ever – for reference, I’m 5’10”.

Here’s what I did:

  • Traced my image onto a 16″x20″ canvas board
  • Mixed different blends of blue, green and gray acrylic paints with water and let them drip down from the top
  • Filled in the tracing with black Sharpee
  • Blotted the wet paint with a crumpled paper towel for the effect and then smeared it on the bottom a bit to make it look like a wet reflection.

That painting was so fun I decided to try another. This one I really like. Here’s what I did:

  • Streaked shades of yellow, orange, red and pink across the canvas board
  • Cut freehand hearts (well what do you know!? I can freehand!) out of duct tape and stuck ’em on (after it was dry)
  • Painted pale yellow over the whole thing in the same direction as the first streaks
  • Repeated that a second and third time, layering on more hearts
  • Outlined the hearts with the black Sharpee and drew straight lines through the centers

While they admittedly are not fine works, they make me smile and cost about $3.50 each. Can’t wait to get them into some frames and onto the walls!

In the words of the late Bob Ross, “happy painting and God bless, my friends.”

Have a nice weekend!

<3 Teresa


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2 Responses to The Suffering of Art(ists)

  1. Pat Biggs says:

    Hi guys. Happy to get your new address. I am so happy you are in your ‘Corner House’. It will be so much fun putting the finishing touches on your very own home. Now comes the yard work and PLANTING FLOWERS.

    Home is where the heart is….you know Chris, we may not have the best of everything in our home, but we have we love, and we have done it all together.

    Love you guys Usn’s

  2. Mom says:

    boy, that camera sure takes beautiful pictures of beautiful pictures!!!!!

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