Preponderance of Paper

Remember when we described our house as an old lady? Our house boasts a preponderance of evidence to support this claim, and we submit the following two…

Our pink living room:

And the pink floral master bedroom wallpaper:

Dig the built-in closet. Not so much the flowers. It’s safe to say that the wallpaper in our house, which on the main floor was thankfully limited to the area around the back door and the master bedroom (both 1960s-era additions), was b-a-a-a-a-a-d. Here’s a closeup of the blue floral wallpaper near the backdoor. Note the bad seaming and curling edges that don’t even reach the corner!!

Yes, we feel the evidence speaks for itself. The paper had to go. So one sunny weekend while I was working on kitchen remodeling tasks, Teresa and her mom tore in. And what did they find? Under that pink floral wallpaper in the master was BLUE FLORAL WALLPAPER! Why wouldn’t there be?

OCH mom-in-law scraped away for hours.

The whole process was terrible tedious (and still not completely finished) because when the addition was first built, the blue floral paper hangers glued that first layer straight to unfinished wallboard. Because of this, we didn’t want to use a steamer and risk infusing so much moisture into the wallboard.

The ladies used stripping solutions from Home Depot and Walmart and a stiff, wire bristle brush to scratch it in. What we can’t understand is how prior  to his marriage, the previous bachelor-owner lived in a pink floral master bedroom for 10 years!

It had to go.

We rest our case.




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6 Responses to Preponderance of Paper

  1. You two are just bring back so many memories of our first homes. Thanks for sharing all this with us… it give Bob and I memories to smile about….

  2. rena gallant says:

    How did he live in a pink bedroom? The same way he lived in a house that had a ahem! can’t say the word, problem downstairs. I rest my case!

  3. Mom says:

    Actually I thought the blue paper was pretty enough to leave up. A real Dresden treasure!!!
    I figured how many Weight Watchers points I earned that day, enough to cover my Bailey’s!!!

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