Plaster Master

T gave me that nickname, and I’m okay with it, because anyone who’s dealt with patching plaster deserves a superhero nickname. When we first gutted out the kitchen, we ended up with pretty damaged walls, especially where the tile back splash used to be adhered (with Liquid Nails!).

Here’s a glimpse at what we had to deal with:

This was the surface under the back splash (unpatched on the left):

I used a premixed plaster patching compound and several different sizes of spatulas. Some spots required mesh patches. This particular spot required three layers of mesh patching:

The important thing to remember is to sand really well between each layer of plaster. It’s better to apply many very thin layers than one or two thick ones.

It took me about three days to prepare the walls for primer paint. I went through a gallon and a half of compound. A good, fine-grit sanding block is worth its weight in gold. Soon enough the walls looked like this:

A weekend of demo, a long weekend of plaster patching, a day 0r two of priming and the walls were ready for rebuilding a kitchen. It was a lot of work but it’s worth it and it’s over now. Happy day!

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2 Responses to Plaster Master

  1. rena gallant says:

    I thought Mike was busy building the horse shelters and hanging the new gate. We’ve been preparing for the horses for quite awhile. I really hope we get to Colorado and they can live with us outside of course.

    Your working hard Chris and it is coming along,it just costs alot to fix a place up. Mike G. will find out soon with his $150,000 renovation plans. Do you think he’s bored and needs a hobby?

    Take care till next time, Auntie Rena

    • Mike G says:

      Bored, indeed! Alas, I know too well the morass I’m wandering into. If we were ready to spend the amount of money you mentioned, we’d leave all the worrying to others, but as it is, I’m going to try to do some of the construction myself (with the help of a few foolish friends). These home remodeling pics are truly inspirational, with such astonishing results. This is the upside of buying a steaming heap of rubbish – everything you do to improve it yields such dramatic results!

      Also, notice that I’m timing our renovation work so that Chris is fully experienced with these jobs by the time I need some good old family labor. ;-)

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