Focusing on the Good

We thought we should post some pics of the progress we’ve made in the kitchen. We’re still recovering (emotionally) from what happened to us this past weekend, which we kinda talked about (without really talking about) here.

But it’s good to focus on things that are going well and are within our control, so here’s where we’re at with the kitchen (our apologies for the bad lighting/photo quality…took these with our phones):

The challenge we took on was to create a kitchen that will look at home in this old house and will also look a little like us. We’re trying to maintain a look that is authentic for the age of the house by selecting options like solid oak butcher block counter tops, simple Shaker-style cabinets, and corbels under the shelves/cabinets for that old, farmhouse-ish feel. Then, to remain true to ourselves, we purchased a new stainless dishwasher and brushed stainless fixtures to add that modern touch (the rest of the drawer fronts/handles and sink parts will be installed soon).

Again, the colors look horrible in these photos! We’ll be sure to post some new ones soon.

The walls are Martha Stewart Living Sharkey Gray from Home Depot. Love the color – it’s that perfect marriage of gray and beige, hate the quality – literally, this paint requires more than two coats (on fresh primer!) and peels like crazy! We’ll stick with Behr Signature in the future. Here’s a better look at the color swatch:

Because of the soffits, which we wanted to keep, we designed the upper cabinets around this little corner nook. It’s perfect for the custom shelves that Chris is putting in for me. We love us some open shelving in a kitchen! The bottom of the first shelf is level with the bottom of the cabinet, for a seamless look. The rest will go up soon.

As you can see, we have quite a bit of work still to do: caulking, tiling the back splash, plumbing the sink, painting the window frames, installing the drawers and cupboard doors and hardware, laying the flooring, installing the cabinet side panels/trim, and doing something about the lack of privacy through those windows and that light above the sink.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted. Now back to work!

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8 Responses to Focusing on the Good

  1. Dad & Mom K. says:

    Wow Chris & Teresa, the kitchen is looking really great! You two have done a lot of work and it very much shows.

    • Teresa says:

      Thanks, guys! We have been working our tooties off, for sure! That’s a large part of why this past weekend was so upsetting. But we’re hoping all this will be done enough to move in within the next couple of weekends.

  2. Pat Biggs says:

    Your kitchen is starting to look ‘quite charming’. You have really been working hard, and it shows too.

    What colors are you going to paint your kitchen? And shutters on the two windows would look good.

    Take care, and don’t work too hard. LOL

    • Teresa says:

      Thanks, Pat. The color of the walls is Sharkey Gray (see swatch above). The cabinets/tile are a creamy white (not quite white-white). The counters are solid oak and the fixtures brushed stainless. So gray and white, with green accents probably.

  3. mary gallant says:

    Aren’t you glad the WORST day is behind you? Heard about the
    basement backup bombarding your precious nest.
    The cabinetry looks GREAT. I know you two can conquer ANYTHING fate throws your way AND will….the good , the bad and the ugly. love you P and C…. Gram mary

  4. This is looking so great!!!

  5. Mioduchoski says:

    Hi. I love your open shelving – very cute (the entire kitchen is, bravo!). Did you make the corbels for the shelves or did you buy them? If you bought them, are you willing to share where you got them? I’d like to use similar ones in my kitchen. Happy continuation from one remodeler to another, Bonnie

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