We bought a house on a corner!

That’s right. We just bought a house on a lovely corner in an established neighborhood (you can read about some of our house-hunting adventures on Teresa’s blog here and here. Or about how we met with the seller to tear down the old, rotting porch. Or about that day we signed the papers). As it turns out, “established” is code for “old” and we’re more than okay with that. As a matter of fact, we’re suckers for older houses.

Older houses have that certain something that most newer houses try to have but somehow miss…charm, coziness, bigger trees…and are often in neighborhoods where neighbors actually know (and talk to) one another.

We’ve thought about buying before—we’ve even made offers in the past. But the timing was never quite right.

This time, we looked at nine houses. The house we bought was actually the fifth we looked at. We passed it over the first time because of our super negative first impression. Here’s what ran through our minds on our first walk-through:

•             Disintegrating exterior

•             Hardwoods in bad shape

•             Dirty. Dirty. Dirty.

•             Mold in laundry room

•             Stinky. Stinky. Stinky.

Our assessment: must have been a rental. Literally—it looked like renters had just been evicted. And not in a pretty way.

But that was where we were wrong. The previous owner is indeed very charming himself. He just happened to have lived in the house as a bachelor for the past 10 years with his two very VERY large dogs before moving out a year ago to put it on the market. So yes, it was kinda dirty and stinky. Understandably so.

Fortunately, everything else in our price range was somehow much worse, so we came back to the old lady (we started calling her that because the living room is currently pink).

As terrifying as home ownership is, we hope to make our old lady a grand lady. We’ll use this blog to keep track of and chronicle our projects, and as a place where interested family and friends can keep up (mostly so they know when not to stop by…”painting party, anyone?”).

Please comment on our projects and dilemmas, and share your stories. We love reading blogs. We love the prospect of home improvement. And we love our new (old) house.

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7 Responses to We bought a house on a corner!

  1. Mom says:

    I’m so glad you are starting a blog on the “old lady”!
    Now you can’t call ME that!!
    Can’t wait to follow your projects on line……I mean to help with your projects ;)

  2. Pat Biggs says:

    Hi C and T. Congratulations on your new house. It looks darling. You have been in our home Chris. When I first bought it, it needed soooo much TLC. Ned and I have worked together over the years to make it homey and comfortable. The wonderful part is, the changes we have make are the changes we dreamed about. Have fun making the changes that will make your ‘house’ your ‘home. Happy New Year to you……….LOL

  3. Debbie Mac says:

    Welcome to home ownership!! There will ALWAYS be another project, trust me. Looking forward to seeing you guys and your new home. Happy New Year!!

  4. Mom says:

    Wow! What a way to celebrate New Year’s, scraping the day away….
    This is a good omen for this year, hard work with great rewards!!!!

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